Top 3 Webinar Takeaways: “Continuous Fuzzing: The Trending Security Technique Among Silicon Valley’s Tech Behemoths”

Over the last decade, there’s been an uptick in progressive Silicon Valley tech behemoths adopting an application security testing technique called continuous fuzzing. While effective,  fuzzing largely remains a hidden secret to the larger developer and security communities. 

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Will Autonomous Security Kill CVEs?

How many potholes did you encounter on your way into work today? How many of them did you report to the city?

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Software Is Infrastructure

The realization that software is becoming an essential component of our everyday lives was reflected yet again in this year’s Black Hat. Even more solutions are being touted to deal with the ever-growing exposure of software to malicious threats. Unfortunately, a lot of the solutions focus on dealing with the symptoms of our current..

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Beginning Fuzz Cycle Automation: Improving Testing and Fuzz Development with Coverage Analysis

In my previous post, we covered using bncov to do open-ended coverage analysis tasks to inform our testing. This time we’ll take a look at how to write better tests in the form of harness programs (also known as fuzz drivers, programs written to exercise specific parts of the code) that we will use for fuzz testing.

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