Why fuzzing is your friend for DevSecOps

Leaders proactively mitigate risk. One large risk they can mitigate is being blindsided by an unknown software vulnerability. Attackers who find an unknown vulnerability potentially can exploit all of an agency’s systems. When agency IT teams find a vulnerability first, they can make sure it is fixed or remediated before an attack occurs. With..

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Top 3 Technical Barriers to Fuzz Testing

Fuzz testing is an effective technique for uncovering serious defects in software. From the Heartbleed vulnerability in 2014 to the infamous Jeep Cherokee hacking in 2015, fuzz testing is the technique that has made many high-profile discoveries possible. Consistently, fuzzing is proven to be a powerful tool for ensuring the safety, security,..

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Demystifying a Docker Image

Six months ago ForAllSecure started analyzing Docker images. What does this mean?  Imagine we have a user who wants us to fuzz their application. How do they give it to us?  Do they tar it up? Do they give us access to an environment where it’s running?  Do we integrate into their build pipeline? Applications are an entire ecosystem -- they..

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Top 3 Webinar Takeaways: “Continuous Fuzzing: The Trending Security Technique Among Silicon Valley’s Tech Behemoths”

Over the last decade, there’s been an uptick in progressive Silicon Valley tech behemoths adopting an application security testing technique called continuous fuzzing. While effective,  fuzzing largely remains a hidden secret to the larger developer and security communities. 

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