Top Takeaways from the “Knowing the Unfuzzed and Finding Bugs with Coverage Analysis” Webinar

The adoption of fuzzing has resulted in vulnerabilities being found and fixed at scale. Although it is known for a number of its benefits never seen before in other application security testing techniques, advanced users have eventually come across two key questions: 

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Beginning Fuzz Cycle Automation: Improving Testing and Fuzz Development with Coverage Analysis

In my previous post, we covered using bncov to do open-ended coverage analysis tasks to inform our testing. This time we’ll take a look at how to write better tests in the form of harness programs (also known as fuzz drivers, programs written to exercise specific parts of the code) that we will use for fuzz testing.

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How Much Testing is Enough? Understanding Test Results with bncov and Coverage Analysis.

A frequently asked question in software testing is “Is that enough testing, or should we do more?” Whether you’re writing unit tests for your programs or finding bugs in closed-source third-party software, knowing what code you have and have not covered is an important piece of information. In this article, we’ll introduce bncov, an open source..

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