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Mel Llaguno is the Commercial Solutions Lead at ForAllSecure where he’s helping them find product/market fit in the Enterprise Application Security space for their DARPA award-winning technology. Prior to that, he worked at Synopsys running their Coverity SCAN project which provided commercial-grade SAST to some of the most important (and largest) OSS projects in the world.

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Challenging ROI Myths Of Software Application Security Testing (SAST)

There are several benefits for using Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) for your software security.  Having previously worked at Coverity (now Synopsys), I’m intimately familiar with the arguments in favor of using SAST. While there have been a lot of successes (such as adoption in the OSS community through Coverity SCAN), I’ve also seen..

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Software Is Infrastructure

The realization that software is becoming an essential component of our everyday lives was reflected yet again in this year’s Black Hat. Even more solutions are being touted to deal with the ever-growing exposure of software to malicious threats. Unfortunately, a lot of the solutions focus on dealing with the symptoms of our current..

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