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Marli is a software engineer at ForAllSecure. She graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and went on to receive her Master’s in Information Security and Technology Management from Carnegie Mellon University. After school, Marli worked for the U.S. government for two years fulfilling her passion for foreign affairs and making a difference in the world. Marli joined ForAllSecure in 2016. Her proudest moment to date is when she wrote a fuzzer for networked targets which was used to find a CVE in the popular web server, h2o. Marli is excited about Go, climbing, and dogs.

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Demystifying a Docker Image

Six months ago ForAllSecure started analyzing Docker images. What does this mean?  Imagine we have a user who wants us to fuzz their application. How do they give it to us?  Do they tar it up? Do they give us access to an environment where it’s running?  Do we integrate into their build pipeline? Applications are an entire ecosystem -- they..

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